U.K Kitchen Trends of 2018

U.K Kitchen Trends Of 2018

2017 is over. According to some analysts, the kinds of kitchens that trended then were totally different from what is obtainable at the moment. It was filled with Neff slides, blue cabinetry, and herringbone tiles.

Thus, 2018 has a great thing in store. After a careful analysis, we have come up with these UK kitchen trends in 2018 you really need to know. Specifically, we are taking a look at broken-plan kitchens, two-tone cabinets, a hint of morocco, an eco-look, and gold and copper kitchens:

Broken-Plan Kitchens

This has truly revolutionized the way we entertain and cook. Where do you usually keep your dirty pans and pots? If you are someone that lives a private life and wants to keep certain aspects of your life private, then broken plan kitchen might be the right option for you. This concept is simple, easy to use and highly convenient.

Two-Tone Cabinets

The color white is still the favorite color in certain quarters. But in 2018, grey and blue units started gaining momentum, especially in the combination of the dual colors. For example, adorning the base units with dark blue and wall cupboards with light blue will make waves.

A Hint of Morocco

According to these kitchen fitters Northamptonmany people are daily working to adorn their kitchens with Moroccan-inspired décor, with Moroccan splashbacks and tiles gradually gaining momentum.

In this year, many people love designing their kitchens with feature floor tiles and striking mosaic wallpaper, together with other forms of Moroccan touches like pendant lighting, gold lanterns and chunky wooden worktops.

An Eco-Look

Formerly, people designed their kitchens to suit their home colors and style, but today it is no longer the same as users now take the environment into consideration. Recent research shows that the search for ‘eco kitchens’ has risen significantly, just like plywood and organic materials.

In 2018, many people love to design their kitchens with layered plywood cabinetry due to their pale unassuming features. In fact, they have both traditional and modern look. Today, many people expect to see kitchens designed with walnut worktops, concrete tiles, bamboo lighting and cork flooring.

Gold And Copper Kitchens

Kitchens can be glamorous with gold and copper, because they have shimmering metallic, and they provide a luxurious finish to statement lighting, wall tiles, handles, plug sockets and small appliances. 

We hope this article gives you everything you need to stay trendy with your 2018 kitchen designs.