Tips from My Experiences Moving Across the Country

Tips for Moving Across the Country

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear, this is not easy. This is the toughest type of moving, that is made even harder due to the factors of international relocation. Here is a checklist of very important things to always remember, so getting them in your mind from now will help you in the long run.

There’s a myriad of things to do during moving, no matter the distance. If you find that the list is getting overwhelming, get a checklist so that you can be aware of exactly where to begin, what do to next, and how far along you’ve come. For some quick tips though, I spoke to Nick’s Moving Company out in Boston to learn more about exactly how you should prep for a big move.

Hire Professional Help

Don’t even doubt in hiring a cross country mover. While self-moving works for smaller trips, the amount of things and costs that can surprise you when you’re moving such long distances means that they’ll be worth every penny, and might even end up saving some money (read more here:!

Now then, deciding which one suits you best is not easy. Be sure to compare the relocation services that are in your area, so that you know which one can bring the best service, at the lowest price. Ask for an in-home consultation with more than one company, that way you can be completely clear about the final price of the move.

Pare Down

Decide what to do with your things. While bringing everything might sound normal, you’ll find lots of old unused objects that are not going to be worth the effort to move them. Get a list and go over all the objects of your house so you can decide what you’ll be doing with them. It’s up to you whether to sell, gift, donate, recycle or to keep these objects, and the sooner you make the decision the easier the trip will be. On the specific case of furniture, it’s often cheaper to buy a new couch than to move yours, so take that into account. Find more information on this website.

Get Road Trip Ready

So, your mover is going to deal with moving all of your possessions to your brand new house, but what about you? Most people prefer to move across the country in their car but aren’t always fully prepared. Given the length of the trip, be sure to service the car one day before your trip happens so that nothing bad happens on the trip, and plan the journey ahead so you can deal with any unexpected stops. If you’re planning on flying, the question becomes on how to move your car. Contact the necessary auto transport companies, and try to find the best deal.