Pros and Cons of Using a Limo Company Over Other Transportation Options

Pros and Cons of Using a Limo Company

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling over the years and have used everything from limousines, to taxis to horse-drawn carriages to get around (yes actually). I see a lot of confusion from friends and readers regarding what the best method of transportation is, and thought I’d shed some light based on my experiences.

People like limos for a number of reasons. Limos provide a lot of modern amenities. They are considered a symbol of luxury and aristocracy. Not only wealthy people but also people of all classes use these luxurious vehicles. But limos have both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a limo service like


Of course, there are more advantages than disadvantages of hiring a limo service. We are going to discuss the most obvious pros of hiring this service:

  • Comfort is the most obvious advantage of a limo service. You can join an event with style if you arrive there in a limo. A good quality limo comes with enough space, entertainments and refreshments.
  • Expert drivers with a lot of experience drive limos. If the vehicle is driven by an expert driver, you do not need to worry about safety. On the other hand, if a novice driver is in charge, you can’t relax because something may go wrong at any time. Limo companies try to appoint only experienced drivers.
  • If you select a reputable limo service provider, you can be sure that it is more secure than most other alternatives. In fact, there is minimal or zero risk involved. In fact, limousines meet very few accidents.
  • For most people, privacy is of utmost importance. Limos are usually noise proof and they offer privacy to a great extent. With enough space and many modern amenities, a limo will provide you with the comfort of your bedroom.
  • Predictability of prices is another advantage of hiring a limo service. Most limo service providers will charge a fixed price for their services. When you can predict the price, you do not get overwhelmed.


  • Limo companies are often accused of having excessively high prices. Many people avoid hiring a limousine mainly for high prices and look for cheaper alternatives. In most cases, taxi cabs serve as cheaper alternatives.
  • Some limo companies have crooked chauffeurs. They do not care for the inconveniences of the consumers and charge extra for no apparent reason. Of course you can tip the chauffeurs for their good service, but that should be your choice. But you will certainly not like the experience if you need to pay extra against your will.
  • There is no doubt that limos provide comfort, but you may find that this vehicle is unusually slow. This slow speed kills your valuable time. Another problem is the length of the vehicle. The driver often finds it difficult to park.