How to Prep for a Home Sale

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

So you’ve finally decided that you should sell your house. While there certainly are things you want to do before putting in the market, these can be easily done in a couple of weekends at most, so be sure to free up your space and follow these tips to get you the best deal possible.


Perhaps the most obvious thing you should, the importance of this can never be overestimated. Get rid of all of those unnecessary things that have spent too long at your house, by getting rid of the clutter you’ll have a much easier time when you get down to cleaning.

Go for an involved, deep clean. This includes vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing every surface in reach. While this will definitely be the thing that takes the most time, it will also bring around the biggest change possible. Your windows, kitchens, carpets and bathrooms are the most important part to clean, given that it will bring a huge change that buyers will notice.

Organize the space around your house. And organizing means organizing properly, not just throwing things out of sight. It’s common for buyers to look around in drawers, they want a good idea about the storage space that’s in offer at the house. This helps give the idea that you take care of the house as well, making the buy more enticing.


There are many small repairs that you can take care off without having to call for professional help. Leaky faucets, broken walls, cracked windows, burned-out light bulbs are all among the things you can easily go ahead and do by yourself. You might also consider repainting, so you can find a new, fresh color that will make your house stand-out in the best way possible.

Curb Appeal

People do judge a book by its cover, so make sure you give off the best first impression. You want to clean up the outside of your house in order to become as charming as possible.

Repair any kinds of holes you might find in your concrete areas, and try to eliminate any stains that might be popping out from them. If there are any downspouts or gutters that have become broken over time, this is the perfect time for you to begin repairing them and making them shine. Don’t forget to clean up the vegetation in your yard, make sure it’s incredibly pleasing to the eye.

As you can see, the things you need to do are not particularly complicated, so don’t miss the opportunity of making your house both gorgeous and welcoming!