Horseback Riding Tips

Horseback Riding Tips

Though automobiles have taken over transportation since the turn of the 20th century, horse riding still remains one of America’s favorite pastimes. However, looks can be deceiving and there is more to horse riding than just strapping on a pair of cowboy boots and shouting “Giddy up” to the horse. If you’re a novice to horse riding here a couple of tips you should keep in mind when hitting the trail.

Look Forward, Not Down

While horses are majestic creatures that are beautiful to look at, there are times when you should focus on controlling it rather than looking at it. According to horse riding canberra common mistake many rookie riders make is leaning forward to keep an eye on the horse in case it gets nervous. This actually puts strain on the horse and makes it difficult for it to carry you. Look forward and sit with your back straight when riding a horse.

Go Easy on the Reins

A common mistake among beginners, especially among children, is that they grip the reins of the horse too tightly. This situation is very uncomfortable for the horse as it causes pain and stress on its mouth and shoulders. Keep your hands relaxed and only put stress on the reins when initiating a command. Think of it like a car’s brakes, if you step on the brake pedal it snaps; same goes for horses as well.

Get Accustomed to the Horse’s Motion

Many beginners are stiff when the ride on the horse and put an effort to stay on the horse instead of relaxing. The key to achieving balance in horse riding is acclimatizing yourself to the horse’s motions and movements. When your ride a horse, adjust to the bobbing of its head for the best result to keep balance.

Ensure the Stirrups are of the Right Length

The stirrups of a saddle are very crucial when riding a horse to maintain control. Many people slip their foot far too much into the stirrup which is just an accident waiting to happen. Unless you’re wearing safety stirrups, avoid doing this is a common reason for leg injuries among rookie riders.

Go Easy on Your Legs

It’s natural to be scared of falling when learning to ride a horse and a common reaction of beginners are to squeeze their legs tightly when they get on the horse. Learn to relax and focus on adjusting to the horse’s movements.