Is Buying a Home in the UK Worth it?

Is Buying a Home in the UK Worth It?

In the UK, it is not a very good decision to buy a home if you plan to sell it within five to ten years. When you own a home, you don’t have to pay rent but like most buyers, you may overlook added costs of owning a home. The added costs include building insurance and the maintenance costs of the property.

In fact, renting has financial benefits and many buyers underestimate the benefits. You will need to wait for a decade to reap the benefits of being a homeowner. So, if you buy a home and sell it within a few years, most likely you will run the risk of financial loss.

Conventional wisdom is wrong

Conventional wisdom says that it a good idea to buy a home than renting one. But if you are planning to own a house for less than a decade, the opposite seems to be true.

If you relocate within a few years, you will find it difficult to regain the costs associated with the transaction. It may also reduce your equity because you will not deal easily with middle length term prices. This problem is much more acute for households under strict financial constraints.

Prolonged periods of deflation has not only affected Britain but also many other countries. In Britain, Brexit will certainly affect the housing market. Some experts say that the prices of new homes will go down because of Brexit. It may be a great thing for new buyers, but if you plan to sell the home later on, you may run a financial risk. If you make a rash decision now, you may regret later.

Making a decision

One study conducted by Dr. Isaac Tabner of Stirling University clearly suggests that when deflation or zero inflation hits, people who live in rented homes enjoy more financial benefits than those who live in their own home.

If you now buy a home without a mortgage and the deflation is just one percent a year, you will lose 50% of the value of your home after 45 years. People who are first time buyers will not find this prediction pleasant at all.

So it is a good idea to buy a house only if you have sufficient capital to manage a mortgage payment (read more about this here). Otherwise, you should wait until you have that financial solvency.

If you have not yet decided whether to rent or buy a house, you should take your individual circumstances and market conditions into consideration. Dr. Tabner’s research will certainly help you to make an informed decision.

If you really want to buy a house, observe the property market and speak to your estate agent. Experienced chartered surveyors can also help you make a good choice.

UK Housing Market Predictions for 2018

U.K Kitchen Trends of 2018

U.K Kitchen Trends Of 2018

2017 is over. According to some analysts, the kinds of kitchens that trended then were totally different from what is obtainable at the moment. It was filled with Neff slides, blue cabinetry, and herringbone tiles.

Thus, 2018 has a great thing in store. After a careful analysis, we have come up with these UK kitchen trends in 2018 you really need to know. Specifically, we are taking a look at broken-plan kitchens, two-tone cabinets, a hint of morocco, an eco-look, and gold and copper kitchens:

Broken-Plan Kitchens

This has truly revolutionized the way we entertain and cook. Where do you usually keep your dirty pans and pots? If you are someone that lives a private life and wants to keep certain aspects of your life private, then broken plan kitchen might be the right option for you. This concept is simple, easy to use and highly convenient.

Two-Tone Cabinets

The color white is still the favorite color in certain quarters. But in 2018, grey and blue units started gaining momentum, especially in the combination of the dual colors. For example, adorning the base units with dark blue and wall cupboards with light blue will make waves.

A Hint of Morocco

According to these kitchen fitters Northamptonmany people are daily working to adorn their kitchens with Moroccan-inspired décor, with Moroccan splashbacks and tiles gradually gaining momentum.

In this year, many people love designing their kitchens with feature floor tiles and striking mosaic wallpaper, together with other forms of Moroccan touches like pendant lighting, gold lanterns and chunky wooden worktops.

An Eco-Look

Formerly, people designed their kitchens to suit their home colors and style, but today it is no longer the same as users now take the environment into consideration. Recent research shows that the search for ‘eco kitchens’ has risen significantly, just like plywood and organic materials.

In 2018, many people love to design their kitchens with layered plywood cabinetry due to their pale unassuming features. In fact, they have both traditional and modern look. Today, many people expect to see kitchens designed with walnut worktops, concrete tiles, bamboo lighting and cork flooring.

Gold And Copper Kitchens

Kitchens can be glamorous with gold and copper, because they have shimmering metallic, and they provide a luxurious finish to statement lighting, wall tiles, handles, plug sockets and small appliances. 

We hope this article gives you everything you need to stay trendy with your 2018 kitchen designs.

Horseback Riding Tips

Horseback Riding Tips

Though automobiles have taken over transportation since the turn of the 20th century, horse riding still remains one of America’s favorite pastimes. However, looks can be deceiving and there is more to horse riding than just strapping on a pair of cowboy boots and shouting “Giddy up” to the horse. If you’re a novice to horse riding here a couple of tips you should keep in mind when hitting the trail.

Look Forward, Not Down

While horses are majestic creatures that are beautiful to look at, there are times when you should focus on controlling it rather than looking at it. According to horse riding canberra common mistake many rookie riders make is leaning forward to keep an eye on the horse in case it gets nervous. This actually puts strain on the horse and makes it difficult for it to carry you. Look forward and sit with your back straight when riding a horse.

Go Easy on the Reins

A common mistake among beginners, especially among children, is that they grip the reins of the horse too tightly. This situation is very uncomfortable for the horse as it causes pain and stress on its mouth and shoulders. Keep your hands relaxed and only put stress on the reins when initiating a command. Think of it like a car’s brakes, if you step on the brake pedal it snaps; same goes for horses as well.

Get Accustomed to the Horse’s Motion

Many beginners are stiff when the ride on the horse and put an effort to stay on the horse instead of relaxing. The key to achieving balance in horse riding is acclimatizing yourself to the horse’s motions and movements. When your ride a horse, adjust to the bobbing of its head for the best result to keep balance.

Ensure the Stirrups are of the Right Length

The stirrups of a saddle are very crucial when riding a horse to maintain control. Many people slip their foot far too much into the stirrup which is just an accident waiting to happen. Unless you’re wearing safety stirrups, avoid doing this is a common reason for leg injuries among rookie riders.

Go Easy on Your Legs

It’s natural to be scared of falling when learning to ride a horse and a common reaction of beginners are to squeeze their legs tightly when they get on the horse. Learn to relax and focus on adjusting to the horse’s movements.

Is Laser Hair Removal the Way to Go?

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Over Other Hair Treatment Methods

Laser hair removal is still a relatively new method to remove unwanted hair, but it’s managed to become incredibly successful as a method for long-term hair reduction. Given that it’s a safe method, that has been used by thousands in order to slow down, or outright remove, unwanted hair growth, knowing more about the benefits it brings to the table is incredibly important. 

One of the most important benefits it brings to the table is that the amount of side effects is minimal. Those few that do end up occurring are also short lasting, usually not reaching much more than a few days. 

Compared to other methods of hair removal, it’s very cost-effective. Once you begin using laser hair removal, you won’t have to spend any more money on depilatory creams, razors, regular wax treatments, or any other methods of expensive hair removal, with which the cost just ends up adding up. While the cost up front is definitely higher, over time you’ll find that you’re saving a huge amount of money to due not having to spend any more money on those regular procedures. As an added benefit, you also save the time that you might need in order to use the other methods.

In comparison to epilating, threading, and waxing, there are no kinds of ugly ingrown hairs to deal with. Razor irritation or burns will also be a problem of the past thanks to this method.

While other methods require some amount of hair actually growing in order to be carried out, laser hair removal needs no surface hair in order to be done. Actually, it is recommended that you shave before your session in order to avoid scorching the surface hair you might have in the present. So while you wait for the operation to work, you will be hair-free in the meantime, unlike other hair removal methods that require a certain hair level before beginning a session.

When you get treatment from professionals like laser skin & vein clinic laser hair removal, they ensure their treatment targets hairs down to the follicle, meaning you’ll get precision during the operation, in comparison with other methods like the intense pulsed light that only covers surface level growth.

Getting a treatment with this method is fast, but beware that the speed of the treatment does depend on the area being treated and its size. Due to it being more immediate, you also get the huge benefit of saving the time needed for a daily shave or wax.

Perhaps the most important advantage of all is the effectiveness. You’ll achieve permanent hair loss in just 3 to 7 sessions, meaning it has an incredibly high success rate.

Asian Influence on Hawaiin Tattoo Culture

Influence of Asian Culture on Hawaiian Tattoos

Tattooing has been around for centuries, and has a particularly rich history in the Pacific Islands, where it has been significantly influenced by Asian culture. In Hawaii, tattoos are used in the form of expression, celebration and to distinguish between the members of different tribe. Traditionally, tools used in tattooing are bird beaks, bones and claws of crustaceans. These tattoos were initially symmetrically geometric in design but later changed to beautiful images of animals, by the influence of the asian culture.

Each tattoo has a different meaning, which can be influenced by its design and even its placement on the body. In Hawaii, tattoos of women, floral design, and tribal symbols are prominent, and are mainly seen adorning the feet, hands, calves and even faces of their owners. Tattooing the face was common in Hawaii, and is most prominently found on the cheeks, forehead and chin of wearers. While facial tattooing has become more mainstream in other parts of the world and the United States, Pacific Island tribes are widely credited with originating this trend.

Like the asian body art from which they gain much inspiration, Hawaiian tattoo designs have hidden meaning. They express deep personal feelings. This is the main reason why a tattoo of these pacific regions differs from the rest of the world. These amazing tattoos look bolder and accentuate the characteristics of the individual and concentrate less on ceremonial purposes.

The land itself also influences Hawaiian tattoos. Hawaii is a gorgeous island located in the United States, and has been a prominent tourist destination for its vibrant beaches and rich culture. Made up of multiple islands, each brings its own unique features, including flowers that can only be found in Hawaii. Each of the islands have their own unique styles as well, like tattoo Waikiki for example.

Flowers are a major influence in the tattoo designs prevalent in Hawaii, and can include everything from the Yellow Hibiscus to Orchids and Pikake. The vibrant colors found in the flowers (from beautiful pinks to deep reds) make these tattoos stand out, and distinguish Hawaiian flower tattoos from those found in other areas. Aside from the colors, flower tattoos carry their own unique meanings, and can symbolize different things depending on the designs that surround them.

Asian influenced Hawaiian tattoos have become popular all over the world with their exotic and unique designs, thick black lines, and minimal coloring. Indeed, many travel from all over the world just to get an authentic Hawaiian tattoo.