What is Chem Dry Cleaning

What Is Chem-Dry Cleaning?

The name chem-dry is one many people may not have heard about. In the dry cleaning world, there are many ways of getting clothes and items clean and free of dirt and dust. However, when a dry cleaning outfit names itself according to the method it uses in cleaning the items, it becomes something unique. This is the case we have in hand, and some people get confused about it. But our role here is to clear the confusion on the meaning of chem-dry cleaning.

According to Champion Chem-Dry, name chem-dry cleaning is used to designate a carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise that has grown and expanded to several cities since its establishment in California in 1977. It started its expansion mission by establishing offices in Tennessee, Nashville, Utah and Logan. But by 1978, it moved from the establishment of offices to franchising.

Currently, it has more than 4000 locations and franchises (and growing!) across different countries of the world. Countries like the United Kingdom, Cambodia, India, Portugal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan and many others can now boast of different chem-dry cleaning outfits in different locations.

What’s Unique about Chem-Dry Cleaning?

The major thing that sets chem-dry cleaning apart is the fact that it does the cleaning through a hot carbonated extraction system. This system is better than the normally used steam cleaning because it is a much drier process. Other services offered by chem-dry cleaning include encapsulation, which works to make commercial carpet cleaning easier. They also offer pet odor removal services plus upholstery cleaning.

Because of their hot carbonated extraction cleaning system, it is safe to say that they make use of 80% less water than the conventional steam cleaning will employ while cleaning. The system involves the release of grime and dirt from the carpet fibers through millions of microscopic bubbles. These grime and dirt are brought to the surface of the carpet to be swept off easily.

The chem-dry franchise was sold in 2011 to Baird Capital Partners of Chicago. When the Baird Capital Partners was buying the firm, they also bought N-Hance which is involved in wood flooring and carpet rebuilding services. By 2018, they also went ahead to buy the Delta Disaster Service, and now, they are into flood disaster management and assistance services.

So, when your carpet is chem-dry cleaned, because of the use of less water, it dries immediately. This saves you the problems of having your carpet wet for up to 2 days, where mildew, mold and bacteria breed on it. It also prevents the soapy residue that normally attracts dirt. This will make your carpet not get dirty.

When to Hire an IT Company

When to Hire an IT Company for Your Business

As your customer base grows and you hire more workers, every startup will feel the need to hire an I.T. company for your business. Success means more emails, phone calls, and new demands from technology. You have the customers; your product is a success. It is time to build the infrastructure to carry you to the next level!

If it’s worth doing 10 times a day – it’s worth automating!

One use of technology is to take your everyday tasks employees find themselves repeating and replacing this with autonomous software. A solid tech company will help you focus on new customers and innovations, while allowing technology to take the brunt end of mundane tasks. Types of manual tasks that can be programmed include basic email and phone call responses, document or spreadsheet templates, calculating routine formulas, and operating system or software updates.

More people – more security problems

Growth means more bodies, and in turn more connections to your network connection. While we always hope that we have hired trustworthy employees, security will quiet that little voice in the back of your head. This is especially true where customer personal or financial information is being managed. Security should be customized to fit your business model, and employees will need to be taught how to adhere to these protocols. Companies like The Scarlett Group can help here, and will handle everything from basic IT needs to digital security.

Customers will break your Shopping Cart – and blame you for it

Users of your services, employee or customer, are human and as such will make mistakes and come up with creative ways to cause issues. Even a simple shopping cart and checkout method of transactions on your website will need technical support – and that is one piece of your business you do not want customers getting hung up on. There is a myriad of human errors that will occur, especially once you have ramped up business and begun processing dozens or hundreds of transactions a day, and hiring an I.T. Company to prepare contingencies or stay on call is a worthy investment.

Knowledge of Technology is Power

The goal of your new I.T. Company is to take your focus off technology, so you can evolve your services. There will be innovations to software and user interfaces that you will miss without a professional to help in applying them to your business. Think of how simple it is to hail an Uber, or booking a vacation with Airbnb; both would not exist without a firm grasp of the latest technology.