Best Massage Equipment for Use at Home

Massage Equipment for Home Use

For most people, buying a full-fledged massage set-up is out of question due to budget and space restraints. However, there are a bunch of portable and nifty massage devices that are inexpensive and widely available at the same time. In this article we’ll provide a list of massage equipment for home use that anyone can easily use to naturally relieve stress and pain. In fact, one of the best pieces of kit is the Irobotics7 (Luraco Irobotics 7 Review can be found at But more on those in another post. Below are my picks.

They’ll make you feel relaxed!

Massage Sticks

Massage sticks or rollers are one of the most common massage equipments out in the market. These sticks have spikes on the sides which applies pressure on the muscle groups when rolled in different motions. Besides pharmacies, many fitness stores also sell these.

Back and Neck Massager

These massagers are simple devices that use the counter-pressure generated by various hand movements to massage affected muscle groups. They generally look like pillows with hand-straps attached to both ends, and have foam padding. This device is a great way to sooth back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Pillow Massagers

Pillow massagers have become quite popular in the last few years to the decrease in prices as they were very expensive when they initially hit the market. Pillow massagers are very comfy and it’s just a matter of lying down and turning it on to get a good massage. These are meant for neck and shoulder massage and accomplishes its objective by generating mild vibrations when turned on.


Head-scratchers are very effective and comfy massage devices. Shaped like an egg-beater, one can easily use a head-scratcher to scratch their heads or providing themselves a relaxed feeling if they have a headache.

Massage Balls

Massage balls are also a very cheap and fun way to relax at home. Made specifically for the feet, these spiky balls of rubber provide a highly comfortable feeling when rolled around knees and ankles in case of leg injuries.

Electric Foot Massagers

A more expensive but effective option for foot massage, these products are highly effective massage equipments perfect for home use. Looking like electric pedestals, on e simply has to put their feet in the designated area and turn on the feeling to enjoy a highly relaxing and pleasant massage.

Electric Massage Cushions

Electric massage cushions are an excellent portable option for those who suffer from chronic neck pain. With the dimension of a small cushion, these devices can be easily carried anywhere and used as a headrest with any types of chair. Whether it’s a long-drive or long hours of staring at the computer screen at your office, these devices are highly versatile for any situation or conditions.

Ice Rollers

Ice rollers are fairly simplistic but highly effective massage devices. These rollers provide a cool and refreshing sensation when rolled against the skin, providing g immediate comfort and relief to pain and itchy sensation. Since they are non-sticky and dry, they can be easily carried around in a hand-bag, making them a popular choice for savvy women.