Asian Influence on Hawaiin Tattoo Culture

Influence of Asian Culture on Hawaiian Tattoos

Tattooing has been around for centuries, and has a particularly rich history in the Pacific Islands, where it has been significantly influenced by Asian culture. In Hawaii, tattoos are used in the form of expression, celebration and to distinguish between the members of different tribe. Traditionally, tools used in tattooing are bird beaks, bones and claws of crustaceans. These tattoos were initially symmetrically geometric in design but later changed to beautiful images of animals, by the influence of the asian culture.

Each tattoo has a different meaning, which can be influenced by its design and even its placement on the body. In Hawaii, tattoos of women, floral design, and tribal symbols are prominent, and are mainly seen adorning the feet, hands, calves and even faces of their owners. Tattooing the face was common in Hawaii, and is most prominently found on the cheeks, forehead and chin of wearers. While facial tattooing has become more mainstream in other parts of the world and the United States, Pacific Island tribes are widely credited with originating this trend.

Like the asian body art from which they gain much inspiration, Hawaiian tattoo designs have hidden meaning. They express deep personal feelings. This is the main reason why a tattoo of these pacific regions differs from the rest of the world. These amazing tattoos look bolder and accentuate the characteristics of the individual and concentrate less on ceremonial purposes.

The land itself also influences Hawaiian tattoos. Hawaii is a gorgeous island located in the United States, and has been a prominent tourist destination for its vibrant beaches and rich culture. Made up of multiple islands, each brings its own unique features, including flowers that can only be found in Hawaii. Each of the islands have their own unique styles as well, like tattoo Waikiki for example.

Flowers are a major influence in the tattoo designs prevalent in Hawaii, and can include everything from the Yellow Hibiscus to Orchids and Pikake. The vibrant colors found in the flowers (from beautiful pinks to deep reds) make these tattoos stand out, and distinguish Hawaiian flower tattoos from those found in other areas. Aside from the colors, flower tattoos carry their own unique meanings, and can symbolize different things depending on the designs that surround them.

Asian influenced Hawaiian tattoos have become popular all over the world with their exotic and unique designs, thick black lines, and minimal coloring. Indeed, many travel from all over the world just to get an authentic Hawaiian tattoo.